Workshop length 30mins plus chat time - Recommended age: 7-11years



·      Printable worksheets

·      Activity to support feelings and emotions

·      Guided chats about growing up milestones and changes to expect

·      Age appropriate content to help normalise body changes

·      Identify private body parts and their functions

·      Framework to support safe bodies

·      The identification of warning signs

·      Opportunity to name trusted adults

·      Resource suggestions

BONUS FOR PARENTS: Top tips on chatting pdf

An introduction to puberty

About your teacher

Mandy Stephens is the founder of Let’s Chat and has been working with children in schools in a number of capacities for 19 years. She has degree in Social Work and Education. At the forefront of everything Mandy and the Lets Chat team do is the strong belief and desire to invest in confidence and strengths. Building a child’s confidence to learn and talk and value their body from an early age is a life long investment.

"My son was really worried about ‘having the chat’ now he wants to talk about it all the time. Some of his questions are so funny." 

James an 11 year old son

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