The workshops include downloadable worksheets and interactive activities to build knowledge about changing bodies, and most importantly confidence to chat together about bodies, growing up and relationships.

Workshops for children and families

Includes downloadable workbooks and interactive activities to build knowledge about changing bodies.

Workshops for parents

Guided discussions and resource options for parents raising tweens and teens.

Curriculum focused discussions and resource options for teachers. 

Hi, I’m Mandy

I’m here to reassure you there are ways to embrace the world of changing hormones and teen turmoil. So much talk about teens, adolescents and puberty is associated with negative chat, dread and fear. Having simple conversations (and the odd joke) can go a long way to increasing your child’s confidence and state of mind about their developing body. Let’s Chat is here to help you start the conversation to set them up for happy, healthy relationships now and well into their adult years.

"Thank you Mandy for making us feel comfortable and reminding us all that puberty can be fun!"

- Erin and 8 year old daughter